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Title: How to promote interdisciplinary R&D in the academia: the case of the “House of the Future”
Author: Alves, J.
Varum, C.A.
Saur, I.
Marques, M.
Issue Date: 2004
Abstract: While empirical research does indeed suggest that collaborative R&D has many desirable outcomes, it is also clear that collaborative work is difficult and expensive. The challenge becomes increasingly sharp as complex and expensive research questions require a large pool of resources and a combination of specialized disciplines. As a result, different organizations get involved in interdisciplinary projects to expand the frontiers of knowledge. This paper analyzes the strategy and methodological approaches used to mobilize interdisciplinary R&D within a universityindustry network named ‘House of the Future’. We discuss the implications of our research for R&D networks design.
Peer review: yes
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