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Title: On R&D, medium and high-tech industries and productivity: an application to the Portuguese case
Author: Varum, C. A.
Cibrão, B.
Keywords: Manufacturing
Structural Change
High-tech industries
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: This paper investigates the potential impact of increased R&D efforts and structural change in Portugal on labour productivity. The paper addresses Portugal’s ambition, expressed in the 2005 Technological Plan. Based on existing literature on the relation between R&D expenditures, structural change and productivity, we evaluate the contribution of R&D and high-tech industries on productivity over the last 30 years. Our results confirm the importance of governement’s R&D and of business R&D in the medium to high-tech sectors, as they stimulate productivity growth. However, we cannot hypothesize that productivity growth was primarily rooted on the development of medium-high technology industries.
Peer review: yes
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