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Title: The use of passerine feathers to evaluate heavy metal pollution in Central Portugal
Author: Costa, R. A.
Petronilho, J. M. S.
Soares, A. M. V. M.
Vingada, J. V.
Keywords: Heavy metal pollution
Passerine bird feathers
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Abstract: In 2003, two sampling strategies were applied in order to evaluate metal contamination in passerine bird feathers. One strategy included the use of nest boxes and nestling great tits in a forest habitat (MU). The other strategy focused on the use of mist nets to capture adult blackbirds, robins and blackcaps in a fragmented non-forested habitat (EST). There was a significantly higher concentration of mercury in great tits (1.09 +/- A 0.40) sampled in MU and also in robins (3.44 +/- A 0.91) and blackcaps (1.62 +/- A 1.99) sampled in EST, in comparison to the reference site (0.66 +/- A 0.68; 2.04 +/- A 1.12; 0.32 +/- A 0.43; respectively). Concerning interspecific differences, robins accumulated significantly more metals than blackbirds or blackcaps.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.1007/s00128-011-0212-4
ISSN: 0007-4861
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