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Title: Further developments of Furuta inequality of indefinite type
Author: Bebiano, N.
Lemos, R.
Da Providěncia, J.
Soares, G.
Keywords: Furuta inequality
J-chaotic order
J-relative entropy
J-selfadjoint matrix
Krein space
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: A selfadjoint involutive matrix J endows Cn with an indefinite inner product [•,•] given by [x,y] := (Jx,y), x,y ∈ C n. We study matrix inequalities for J-selfadjoint matrices with nonnegative eigenvalues. Namely, Furuta inequality of indefinite type is revisited. Characterizations of the J-chaotic order and of the J-relative entropy are obtained via Furuta inequality. The parallelism between the definite versions of the inequalities on Hilbert spaces and the corresponding indefinite versions on Krein spaces is pointed out.
Peer review: yes
ISSN: 1331-4343
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