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Title: Lanthanopolyoxotungstoborates: synthesis, characterization, and layer-by-layer assembly of europium photoluminescent nanostructured films
Author: Sousa, FL
Ferreira, ACAS
Ferreira, RAS
Cavaleiro, AMV
Carlos, LD
Nogueira, HIS
Rocha, J
Trindade, T
Keywords: Lanthanopolyoxotungstoborates
Thin Films
Issue Date: Jan-2004
Publisher: American Scientific Publishers
Abstract: New lanthanopolyoxotungstoborates, K6 xHx[Ln(BW11O39)(H2O)3] nH2O, Ln(III) Sm, Eu, Tb, Er, were prepared and characterized by spectroscopic methods (Fourier transform infrared, Fourier transform-Raman, 11B solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance, and photoluminescence) and elemental analysis. A layer-by-layer assembly method was employed to fabricate multilayered films containing the europium heteropolyanion and the polyelectrolytes poly(sodium 4-styrenesulfonate) and poly(diallydimethylammonium chloride). The photoluminescence behavior of these final nanostructures was inv
Peer review: yes
ISSN: 1533-4880
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