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Title: Novel phosphovanadate layered structure assembled from a tetrametallic cubane-like V-v cluster
Author: Shi, FN
Paz, FAA
Rocha, J
Klinowski, J
Trindade, T
Keywords: Organic-inorganic hybrid
Hydrothermal synthesis
Oxo ligands
Issue Date: Aug-2004
Publisher: Wiley-VCH Verlag Berlin
Abstract: A novel phosphovanadate layered structure intercalated by 4,4 -bipyridinium cations, (C10H10N2)[(VO2)4(PO4)2], was synthesised under hydrothermal conditions and its crystal structure determined using single-crystal X-ray diffraction. The anionic [(VO2)4(PO4)2]n 2n− perforated layers are strongly hydrogen bonded to the interlayer 4,4 -bipyridinium cations and are assembled by an unprecedented secondary tetrametallic VV building unit constructed from a distorted cubanelike {V4O4} cluster. The compound was further characterised by IR, Raman, 1H, 1H-13C, 31P and 51V MAS NMR spectroscopy, and by thermal and elemental analysis.
Peer review: yes
ISSN: 1434-1948
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