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Title: The first dinuclear zinc(II) dithiocarbarnate complex with butyl substituent groups
Author: Almeida Paz, Filipe A.
Neves, Marcia C.
Trindade, Tito
Klinowski, Jacek
Issue Date: Nov-2003
Publisher: International Union of Crystallography
Abstract: The crystal structure of the title compound, bis( -N,N- dibutyldithiocarbamato- 2S:S0)bis[(N,N-dibutyldithiocarba\- forcelb]mato- 2S,S0)zinc(II)], [Zn2(C9H18NS2)4], has been determined at 180 K. The structure contains two crystallographically unique Zn2+ metal centres, showing almost identical slightly distorted tetrahedral coordination environments, and forming a dinuclear complex with two skew-bridging syn-N,N-dibutyldithiocarbamate ligands. Two other dithiocarbamate ligands are connected to the Zn2+ centres in a syn,syn-chelate coordination mode.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.1107/S160053680302419X
ISSN: 1600-5368
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