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Title: Synthetic hollow zinc oxide microparticles
Author: Neves, Márcia C.
Trindade, Tito
Timmons, Ana M. B.
Jesus, Júlio D. Pedrosa de
Keywords: A. Oxides
B. Chemical synthesis
D. Microstructure
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Elsevier
Abstract: The preparation of hollow particles of ZnO by calcination of hydrozincite coated poly(styrene) beads is reported. Synthetic studies have been performed on such polymer/inorganic composite precursors in order to establish the optimum conditions for the preparation of the ZnO particles. The morphological properties of the powders were characterised by optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. The micrometric ZnO particles show morphological characteristics related to the template used in their preparation.
Peer review: yes
ISSN: 0025-5408
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