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2015Extrusion of ceramic emulsions: Preparation and characterization of cellular ceramicsFreitas, C.; Vitorino, N.; Ribeiro, M. J.; Abrantes, J. C. C.; Frade, J. R.articlerestrictedAccess
2014Active sensing coating for early detection of corrosion processesMaia, Frederico; Tedim, João; Bastos, Alexandre C.; Ferreira, Mario G. S.; Zheludkevich, Mikhail L.articleopenAccess
2016Corrosion protection of AA2024 by sol-gel coatings modified with MBT-loaded polyurea microcapsulesMaia, F.; Yasakau, K. A.; Carneiro, J.; Kallip, S.; Tedim, J.; Henriques, T.; Cabral, A.; Venancio, J.; Zheludkevich, M. L.; Ferreira, M. G. S.articlerestrictedAccess
2014Protonic conductivity and viscoelastic behaviour of Nafion (R) membranes with periodic mesoporous organosilica fillersRosero-Navarro, Nataly C.; Domingues, Eddy M.; Sousa, Nuno; Ferreira, Paula; Figueiredo, Filipe M.articlerestrictedAccess
2016Giant Electric-Field-Induced Strain in PVDF-Based Battery Separator Membranes Probed by Electrochemical Strain MicroscopyRomanyuk, Konstantin; Costa, Carlos M.; Luchkin, Sergey Yu.; Kholkin, Andrei L.; Lanceros-Mendez, SenentxuarticlerestrictedAccess
2015Perovskite cathodes for NaBH4/H2O2 direct fuel cellsSantos, D. M. F.; Gomes, T. F. B.; Sljukic, B.; Sousa, N.; Sequeira, C. A. C.; Figueiredo, F. M. L.articlerestrictedAccess
2016Strong piezoelectricity in [H-beta-(2-pyridyl)-Ala-OH][BF4] and [H-beta-(2-pyridyl)-Ala-OH][ClO4] - new amino acid based hybrid crystalsWojtas, Maciej; Gagor, Anna; Kholkin, Andrei L.articlerestrictedAccess
2013Impact of sulphur contamination on the oxygen transport mechanism through Ba0.5Sr0.5Co0.8Fe0.2O3-delta: Relevant issues in the development of capillary and hollow fibre membrane geometry.Yaremchenko, A. A.; Buysse, C.; Middelkoop, V.; Snijkers, F.; Buekenhoudt, A.; Frade, J. R.; Kovalevsky, A. V.articlerestrictedAccess
2013Pyrrolidinium-based polymeric ionic liquid materials: New perspectives for CO2 separation membranesTome, Liliana C.; Mecerreyes, David; Freire, Carmen S. R.; Rebelo, Luis Paulo N.; Marrucho, Isabel M.articlerestrictedAccess
2016Benchmarking the ambipolar conductivity of composite electrolytes for gas separation membranesPatricio, Sonia G.; Marques, Fernando M. B.articlerestrictedAccess
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