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15-Jul-2017Multilayered membranes with tuned well arrays to be used as regenerative patchesMartins, Nádia I.; Sousa, Maria P.; Custódio, Catarina A.; Pinto, Vânia C.; Sousa, Paulo J.; Minas, Graça; Cleymand, Franck; Mano, João F.articleembargoedAccess
21-Jun-2016Coating strategies using layer-by-layer deposition for cell encapsulationOliveira, Mariana B.; Hatami, Javad; Mano, João F.articleopenAccess
19-May-2017Bioinspired ultratough hydrogel with fast recovery, self-healing, injectability and cytocompatibilityAzevedo, Sara; Costa, Ana M. S.; Andersen, Amanda; Choi, Insung S.; Birkedal, Henrik; Mano, João F.articlerestrictedAccess
2016Design advances in particulate systems for biomedical applicationsLima, Ana Catarina; Alvarez-Lorenzo, Carmen; Mano, João F.articlerestrictedAccess
9-May-2016Cell surface engineering to control cellular interactionsCustódio, Catarina A.; Mano, João F.articleopenAccess
10-Jan-2017Solvent-free strategy yields size and shape-uniform capsulesCosta, Ana M. S.; Mano, João F.articleopenAccess
Jun-2017Biomimetic click assembled multilayer coatings exhibiting responsive propertiesSousa, Maria P.; Gonzalez de Torre, Israel; Oliveira, Mariana B.; Rodríguez-Cabello, José C.; Mano, João F.articleopenAccess
4-May-2017Nanoengineering hybrid supramolecular multilayered biomaterials using polysaccharides and self-assembling peptide amphiphilesBorges, João; Sousa, Maria P.; Cinar, Goksu; Caridade, Sofia G.; Guler, Mustafa O.; Mano, João F.articleopenAccess
29-Mar-2017Control of cell alignment and morphology by redesigning ECM-mimetic nanotopography on multilayer membranesSousa, Maria P.; Caridade, Sofia G.; Mano, João F.articleopenAccess
Jul-2018Bioinspired multilayer membranes as potential adhesive patches for skin wound healingSousa, Maria P.; Neto, Ana I.; Correia, Tiago R.; Miguel, Sónia P.; Matsusaki, Michiya; Correia, Ilídio J.; Mano, João F.articleopenAccess
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