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Oct-2016A critical assessment of the mechanisms governing the formation of aqueous biphasic systems composed of protic ionic liquids and polyethylene glycolCláudio, Ana Filipa M.; Pereira, Jorge F. B.; McCrary, Parker D.; Freire, Mara G.; Coutinho, João A. P.; Rogers, Robin D.articlerestrictedAccess
1-Mar-2010Assessing the toxicity on [C3mim][Tf2N] to aquatic organisms of different trophic levelsVentura, Sónia P. M.; Gonçalves, Ana M .M.; Gonçalves, Fernando; Coutinho, João A. P.articlerestrictedAccess
2016Aqueous biphasic systems composed of ionic liquids and polypropylene glycol: insights into their liquid-liquid demixing mechanismsNeves, Catarina M. S. S.; Shahriari, Shahla; Lemus, Jesus; Pereira, Jorge F. B.; Freire, Mara G.; Coutinho, João A. P.articlerestrictedAccess
2016Alcohols as molecular probes in ionic liquids: evidence for nanostructurationVaz, Inês C. M.; Bhattacharjee, Arijit; Rocha, Marisa A. A.; Coutinho, João A. P.; Bastos, Margarida; Santos, Luís M. N. B. F.articlerestrictedAccess
22-Feb-2023Separation of natural compounds using eutectic solvent-based biphasic systems and centrifugal partition chromatographyChagnoleau, Jean-Baptiste; Rocha, Inês L. D.; Khedher, Ryan; Coutinho, João A. P.; Michel, Thomas; Fernandez, Xavier; Papaiconomou, NicolasarticleembargoedAccess
Jan-2016Alkaloids as alternative probes to characterize the relative hydrophobicity of aqueous biphasic systemsPereira, Jorge F. B.; Magri, Agnes; Quental, Maria V.; Gonzalez-Miquel, Maria; Freire, Mara G.; Coutinho, João A. P.articleopenAccess
2016Densities and viscosities of mixtures of two ionic liquids containing a common cationAlmeida, Hugo F. D.; Lopes, José N. Canongia; Rebelo, Luís P. N.; Coutinho, João A. P.; Freire, Mara G.; Marrucho, Isabel M.articlerestrictedAccess
2013Isolation of natural red colorants from fermented broth using ionic liquid-based aqueous two-phase systemsVentura, Sónia P. M.; Santos-Ebinuma, Valéria C.; Pereira, Jorge F. B.; Teixeira, Maria F. S.; Pessoa, Adalberto; Coutinho, João A. P.articlerestrictedAccess
2015Evaluating Self-buffering Ionic Liquids for Biotechnological ApplicationsLee, Sze Ying; Vicente, Filipa A.; Silva, Francisca; Sintra, Tânia E.; Taha, Mohamed; Khoiroh, Ianatul; Coutinho, João A. P.; Show, Pau Loke; Ventura, Sónia P. M.articleopenAccess
2014Understanding the impact of the central atom on the ionic liquid behavior: phosphonium vs ammonium cationsCarvalho, Pedro J.; Ventura, Sónia P. M.; Batista, Marta L. S.; Schröder, Bernd; Gonçalves, Fernando; Esperança, José; Mutelet, Fabrice; Coutinho, João A. P.articleopenAccess
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