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15-Sep-2021Biochar-TiO2 magnetic nanocomposites for photocatalytic solar-driven removal of antibiotics from aquaculture effluentsSilva, Carla Patrícia; Pereira, Diogo; Calisto, Vânia; Martins, Manuel A.; Otero, Marta; Esteves, Valdemar I.; Lima, Diana L. D.articleembargoedAccess
Mar-2021Solubility of H2S in ammonium-based ionic liquidsSousa, José M.M.V.; Sintra, Tânia E.; Ferreira, Abel G.M.; Carvalho, Pedro J.; Fonseca, Isabel M.A.articleopenAccess
14-Feb-2020Environmental behaviour and ecotoxicity of cationic surfactants towards marine organismsKaczerewska, O.; Martins, R; Figueiredo, J.; Loureiro, S.; Tedim, J.articleopenAccess
22-Feb-2023Separation of natural compounds using eutectic solvent-based biphasic systems and centrifugal partition chromatographyChagnoleau, Jean-Baptiste; Rocha, Inês L. D.; Khedher, Ryan; Coutinho, João A. P.; Michel, Thomas; Fernandez, Xavier; Papaiconomou, NicolasarticleembargoedAccess
15-Mar-2020Single precursor sonochemical synthesis of mesoporous hexagonal-shape zero-valent copper for effective nitrate reductionKamali, Mohammadreza; Davarazar, Mahsa; Aminabhavi, Tejraj M.articleopenAccess
25-Nov-2020Studies of structural, magnetic and dielectric properties of X-type Barium Zinc hexaferrite Ba2Zn2Fe28O46 powder prepared by combustion treatment method using ginger root extract as a green reducing agentKagdi, Amrin R.; Pullar, Robert C.; Meena, Sher Singh; Jotania, Rajshree B.; Mujasam Batoo, KhalidarticleopenAccess
15-Oct-2020Solid-liquid phase equilibrium of trans-cinnamic acid, p-coumaric acid and ferulic acid in water and organic solvents: experimental and modelling studiesVilas-Boas, Sérgio M.; Alves, Rebeca S.; Brandão, Paula; Campos, Leila M.A.; Coutinho, João A.P.; Pinho, Simão P.; Ferreira, OlgaarticleopenAccess
1-Apr-2020Synthesis of red mud derived M-type barium hexaferrites with tuneable coercivityCarvalheiras, João; Novais, Rui M.; Mohseni, Farzin; Amaral, João S.; Seabra, Maria P.; Labrincha, João A.; Pullar, Robert C.articleopenAccess
Oct-2020Study of the synthesis parameters of a urea-formaldehyde resin synthesized according to alkaline-acid processGonçalves, Carolina; Pereira, João; Paiva, Nádia; Ferra, João; Martins, Jorge; Magalhães, Fernão; Barros-Timmons, Ana; Carvalho, LuísaarticleopenAccess
1-Nov-2020Supercritical CO2 extraction of V. vinifera leaves: influence of cosolvents and particle size on removal kinetics and selectivity to target compoundsde Melo, Marcelo M.R.; Carius, Benedict; Simões, Mário M.Q.; Portugal, Inês; Saraiva, Jorge; Silva, Carlos M.articleopenAccess
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