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1-Feb-2019Gravitating solitons and black holes with synchronised hair in the four dimensional O(3) sigma-modelHerdeiro, C.; Perapechka, I.; Radu, E.; Shnir, YaarticleopenAccess
7-Oct-2019Einstein-Maxwell-scalar black holes: classes of solutions, dyons and extremalityAstefanesei, D.; Herdeiro, C.; Pombo, A.; Radu, E.articleopenAccess
2019Nonlinear dynamics of spinning bosonic stars: formation and stabilitySanchis-Gual, N.; Di Giovanni, F.; Zilhão, M.; Herdeiro, C.; Cerdá-Durán, P.; Font, J. A.; Radu, E.articlerestrictedAccess
8-Nov-2017Skyrmions, Skyrme stars and black holes with Skyrme hair in five spacetime dimensionBrihaye, Y.; Herdeiro, C.; Radu, E.; Tchrakian, D. H.articleopenAccess
2017Asymptotically flat scalar, Dirac and Proca stars: Discrete vs. continuous families of solutionsHerdeiro, C. A. R.; Pombo, A. M.; Radu, E.articleopenAccess
2017Dynamical formation of a hairy black hole in a cavity from the decay of unstable solitonsSanchis-Gual, N.; Degollado, J. C.; Font, J. A.; Herdeiro, C.; Radu, E.articlerestrictedAccess
2017Charged rotating black holes in Einstein-Maxwell-Chern-Simons theory with a negative cosmological constantBlazquez-Salcedo, J. L.; Kunz, J.; Navarro-Lerida, F.; Radu, E.articleopenAccess
10-Aug-2017AdS(5) magnetized solutions in minimal gauged supergravityBlazquez-Salcedo, J. L.; Kunz, J.; Navarro-Lerida, F.; Radu, E.articleopenAccess
2018Spontaneous scalarization of charged Black HolesHerdeiro, C. A. R.; Radu, E.; Sanchis-Gual, N.; Font, J. A.articleopenAccess
2017Shadows of Einstein-dilaton-Gauss-Bonnet black holesCunha, P. V. P.; Herdeiro, C. A. R.; Kleihaus, B.; Kunz, J.; Radu, E.articleopenAccess
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