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13-Jun-2019Spontaneous scalarisation of charged black holes: coupling dependence and dynamical featuresFernandes, Pedro G. S.; Herdeiro, Carlos A. R.; Pombo, Alexandre M.; Radu, Eugen; Sanchis-Gual, NicolasarticlerestrictedAccess
3-Jul-2019Spontaneously scalarized Kerr black holes in extended scalar-tensor-Gauss-Bonnet gravityCunha, Pedro V. P.; Herdeiro, Carlos A. R.; Radu, EugenarticleopenAccess
21-Oct-2019Charged black holes with axionic-type couplings: classes of solutions and dynamical scalarizationFernandes, Pedro G. S.; Herdeiro, Carlos A. R.; Pombo, Alexandre M.; Radu, Eugen; Sanchis-Gual, NicolasarticleopenAccess
7-Oct-2019Einstein-Maxwell-scalar black holes: classes of solutions, dyons and extremalityAstefanesei, D.; Herdeiro, C.; Pombo, A.; Radu, E.articleopenAccess
May-2016Charged, rotating black objects in Einstein–Maxwell-Dilaton theory in D ≥ 5Kleihaus, Burkhard; Kunz, Jutta; Radu, EugenarticleopenAccess
Aug-2016Spinning boson stars and Kerr black holes with scalar hair: the effect of self-interactionsHerdeiro, Carlos A. R.; Radu, Eugen; Runarsson, Helgi F.articlerestrictedAccess
2018Spinning boson stars and hairy black holes with nonminimal couplingHerdeiro, C. A. R.; Radu, E.articlerestrictedAccess
2016Kerr black holes with Proca hairHerdeiro, Carlos; Radu, Eugen; Runarsson, HelgiarticlerestrictedAccess
2016Static Einstein-Maxwell Magnetic Solitons and Black Holes in an Odd Dimensional AdS SpacetimeBlazquez-Salcedo, J. L.; Kunz, J.; Navarro-Lerida, F.; Radu, E.articleopenAccess
8-Jun-2018Stimulated Axion Decay in Superradiant Clouds around Primordial Black HolesRosa, João G; Kephart, Thomas WarticleopenAccess
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