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Title: Metamorphosing art: multimedia spectacles as new forms of art and education
Author: Santana, Helena
Santana, Rosário
Keywords: Espectáculo multimédia
Novas tecnologia
Música contemporânea
J. S. Bach
John Cage
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Hellenic Theatre/Drama Education Network
Abstract: The interaction of different domains of knowledge and art, namely music, theatre, design, mathematics, physics… contributes to organise a musical performance that has an original form and develops new forms of education. Using different art forms – BACH2CAGE - is an original spectacle who confluences different domains of knowledge, communication and art. “More than a performance, Bach2Cage is a process, an experimental laboratory in crossing music/performing arts with multimedia/digital art”. In other hand – O Capuchinho também quer ir ao Big Brother – a spectacle that develops an idea that combines a children story with a reality show, use the idea of specific popular talk shows - Big Brother - and creates a new spectacle, a new art form. The intervenient of educational procedures develops a new form of education. Music and others forms of art are the basis of their studies and personal development. This paper wants to show how new technologies, music and performing arts my conceive a new form of art, an art that joins several procedures, musical peaces and aesthetics and give us a new kind of music, “a music that have no age”.
Peer review: yes
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