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Title: Designing a digital instrument as gestural controller through performance and composition
Author: Coimbra, João
Portovedo, Henrique
Carvalho, Sara
Keywords: Gestural interface
Digital Musical Instrument
Human-computer interaction
Issue Date: Oct-2023
Abstract: As a multi-instrumentalist, I use the studio as both a performance space and a sound-based compositional tool. I incorporate a wide range of instruments, including traditional, digital, and augmented ones, along with microphones, sensors, DACs, and MIDI interfaces. Adding new elements to my studio setup to enrich my sound-based composition poses challenges, particularly in preserving the real-time connection between gestures and sound. My Ph.D. project addresses this issue by developing and mapping a digital musical instrument that generates sound through gestures. The Physical Computing Instrument (PCI) will optimize my sound-based composition as a new element at my studio while maintaining the real-time manipulation of its current elements. Given the project’s strong technological focus, I requested the collaboration of the Department of Materials and Ceramics of the University of Aveiro, which will assist in mapping and implementing the hardware for the device. During my presentation at Jornadas CICECO 2023, I will delve into the use of gestural digital musical instruments, like the Myo Armband, Leap Motion, and Wii Remote as part of the research path for implementing the PCI. I argue that their distinct technological characteristics offer valuable insights into the possibilities of gestural implementation, mapping strategies, and other essential features in constructing the PCI. To illustrate this concept, I will share various compositional sketches, sound samples, and notational examples.
Peer review: yes
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