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Title: Archives in transformation: ecent approaches and interpretations
Author: Lechleitner, Gerda
García, Miguel A.
Sardo, Susana
Issue Date: 7-Jun-2023
Abstract: The word “archive” has become extremely polysemic and metaphorical in recent decades. Currently, the word points to phenomena as diverse as an institution, a building that holds documents, knowledge, a place where the construction of knowledge is analyzed, the life drive (in Derrida's terms), a place of memory, a place where the past is kept, the Web and many others. Against the backdrop of this wealth of meanings, we will discuss three intertwined aspects of archival practices: a) the relationship between preservation, use and appropriation of documents, b) the construction of music histories and the relationship between academic and non-academic researchers, and c) the transformation and challenge of the archive in the virtual environment. The presentation aims to contribute to archival theory as well as to archival practices in dialogue with current discussions in the field of ethnomusicology and related disciplines.
Peer review: yes
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