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Title: Panel: Exploring shared research practices in sound archives: three case-studies in the context of Portuguese-speaking world
Author: Aragão, Pedro
Sousa, Nalini Elvino de
Tsope, Cristiano
Issue Date: Sep-2022
Publisher: University of Music and Performing Arts Graz
Abstract: The aim of this panel is to present partial results of an ongoing research project called Liber|Sound: Innovative archival practices toward sound memory liberation. Recorded music, transcontinental experience, connected communities. Developed by Universidade de Aveiro and INET-md, LiberSound project is focused on the study of popular music recorded during the first half of the 20th century. The project aims to study sound archives revealing a) transits between sound practices and musicians in Portuguese-speaking communities; b) shared sound spaces which gave rise to autonomous music expressions and; c) examples of resistance to actions of colonial domination between Portugal and its former colonies. To achieve these goals, Liber|Sound works in partnership with four different sound archives in Brazil (Discografia Brasileira em 78 rpm hosted by Instituto Moreira Salles), Mozambique (Radio Mozambique´s sound archive), Portugal (José Moças Collection hosted by Universidade de Aveiro) and India (former Emissora de Goa´s sound archive). LiberSound research team includes not only ethnomusicologists but also documentalists, sound engineers, archive managers and documentary filmmakers. This panel comprises presentations by three researches of LiberSound focused on collaborative and joint knowledge production in sound archives context. Cristiano Tsope, documentalist of Radio Mozambique and PhD student at Universidade de Aveiro (UA) will discuss aspects related to colonial domination and racial issues in sound archives through a series of interviews with former collaborators of the radio. Nalini Sousa, filmmaker and MA student at UA, will discuss the Emissora de Goa sound archives on the perspective of affective memories, stressing the role of common people in the construction of a collective memory about the radio. Pedro Aragão, PI of LiberSound project, will discuss the role of private collectors in the construction of institutional sound archives in Brazil and Portugal.
Peer review: yes
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