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dc.contributor.authorMurrillo, Adolf (ed.)pt_PT
dc.contributor.authorTejada, Jesús (ed.)pt_PT
dc.contributor.authorRiaño, Mª Elena (ed.)pt_PT
dc.contributor.authorFoletto, Clarissa (ed.)pt_PT
dc.contributor.authorCarvalho, Sara (ed.)pt_PT
dc.contributor.authorSolé, Lluís (ed.)pt_PT
dc.description.abstractThis new series, created by the Institut Universitari de Creativitat i Innovacions Educatives (IUCIE) of the Universitat de València, in collaboration with the publishing EdictOràlia Llibres i Publicacions and Publicacions of de Universitat de València, has as its main objective to generate a broad reflection and debate on artistic creativity and its development in the contemporary educational context. It aims to establish itself as a forum that represents and amplifies the diversity of voices, approaches and contexts that, under the common denominator of a shared idea around multidisciplinary artistic creation as a tool for transformation, reinforces the concept of learning from emotion and body awareness.pt_PT
dc.titleExploring Creativities: creation as a learning strategy for learning music and the artspt_PT
dc.title.alternativeExplorar las Creatividades: la creación como estrategia para el aprendizaje de la música y las artespt_PT
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