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Title: The power of storytelling as a marketing tool in personal branding
Author: Korzh, Aleksandra
Estima, Ana
Keywords: Personal branding
Personal marketing
Issue Date: 30-Jun-2022
Publisher: UA Editora
Abstract: Brands and products are becoming partially human (regarding names, concepts, and the message they transmit) and people are mostly seen as brands. The job market itself is saturated to the point that people must find countless ways to differentiate themselves from other millions of competitors. Thus, the main goal of this research is to understand how regular individuals can build their brands by using storytelling as a marketing tool. To fully comprehend this matter, the concepts of personal branding and storytelling were described in detail. In terms of method, 9 interviews were conducted with several people with different profiles and professions. To conclude, the interviews and the literature review allowed us to comprehend that storytelling is an important tool when building a personal brand with the following features: authenticity, consistency, charisma, purpose, strong personality, creativity, adaptation, convincing, memorable, distinctive, and clear.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.34624/ijbi.v1i2.28957
ISSN: 2795-5036
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