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Title: Pulmonary rehabilitation changes the oral microbiota of people with COPD
Author: Melo-Dias, S.
Cabral, M.
Furtado, A.
Souto-Miranda, S.
Cravo, J.
Mendes, A.
Almeida, C.
Marques, A.
Sousa, A.
Keywords: Pulmonary rehabilitation
Issue Date: 4-Sep-2022
Publisher: European Respiratory Society
Abstract: Pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) is one of the most beneficial therapies for COPD, generally improving symptoms, exercise tolerance and functionality. Here, we investigated for the first time the effects of PR in the oral microbiota and immune mediators of people with COPD. 456 samples from 76 patients, 38 (72±9y, 76%♂, FEV1pp 49±16) integrating a 12-week community-based PR program, and 38 (70±8y, 82%♂, FEV1pp 52±20) not attending PR, were followed for 6 months and characterised based on sociodemographic, anthropometric, clinical data, oral microbiota, and oral inflammatory profile. PR modulated patients’ microbiota composition and dynamics (Fig1A). Specifically, an enrichment of Proteobacteria (Haemophilus) and a depletion in Bacteroidetes, previously associated with increased severity (Melo-Dias et al, Respir Res 2022), were observed upon PR (Fig1B-C). We also observed a peak of IL-1β one month after the beginning of PR, and a significant increase in TNF-α in the third month of intervention (Fig1D). Additionally, IL-10 also increased in response to PR (Fig1D), and no significant differences were found in IL-6, IL-8, IL-17, and IL-23. Remarkably, our data suggest that PR modulates oral microbiota towards more severe states of the disease and increases both pro and anti-inflammatory markers. Future studies should address the implications and stability of these microbiota modifications and their correlation with inflammation.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.1183/13993003.congress-2022.3487
ISSN: 0903-1936
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