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Title: On rank metric convolutional codes and concatenated codes
Author: Napp, Diego
Pinto, Raquel
Vela, Carlos
Keywords: Concatenated codes
Rank-metric codes
Convolutional codes
Rank-deficiency channel
Issue Date: 16-Sep-2022
Abstract: In the recent history of the theory of network coding the multi-shot network coding has been prove as a good alternative for the classical one-shot network theory which is managed by using block codes. To perform communications in this multi-shot context we have, among others, rank-metric convolutional codes and concatenated codes (using a convolutional code as an outer code and a rank-metric code as inner code). In this work we analyse their performance over the rank deficiency channel (described by Gilbert-Elliot channel model) in terms of the correction capabilities and the complexity of the two decoding schemes.
Peer review: yes
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