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Title: Raros exemplares, e escassa memória: um estudo de caso sobre o revivalismo da viola toeira, em Coimbra
Author: Marques, Rui
Keywords: Viola
Viola toeira
Issue Date: 2023
Abstract: This article focuses on the revival of the viola toeira, a Portuguese wire-strung guitar that by the mid-20th century was considered in danger of disappearing. In the mid-2010's, several Coimbra-based luthiers restarted constructing this instrument. Their workshops established a unique context for the emergence of revivals. Contrasting with initiatives undertaken in the 1980's, led by scholars and local authorities who intended to 'recover' the viola toeira to foster the 'truth' of local folklore, this post-revival cycle (Bithel-Hill 2014) emerged as a bottom-up dynamic that brought together people from different academic and professional backgrounds, working collaboratively to assure the sustainability of this instrument. During fieldwork, I realized that these people draw on concepts such as 'authenticity', and 'historical fidelity', revealing an intention to connect with the past of the viola toeira and thereby establish their legitimacy as stewards of this part of the local musical heritage. This study summarizes the available information on the luthiers and musicians who stood out the most in Coimbra between the mid-19th century and the beginning of the 20th century and documents the performative contexts and musical repertoires associated with the viola toeira. Following this historical framework, I discuss the role played by folklorists and ethnographers in the mapping and characterization of this instrument. Finally, I will focus the viola toeira revival projects carried out in Coimbra in the 1980's and the 2010's, identifying their leading figures and exploring the goals and values that guided these projects.
Peer review: yes
ISSN: 2183-8410
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