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dc.contributor.authorSilveira, Victor Andradept_PT
dc.contributor.authorCosta, Stella Regina Reis dapt_PT
dc.contributor.authorResende, Davidpt_PT
dc.description.abstractThe success of organizational processes is increasingly related to sustainable innovation. The concern with sustainable public purchases has been gaining strength over the years. However, several barriers are found to implementing this practice. At the same time, blockchain advances as technology part of the innovation of industry 4.0 and as a proposal to solve these difficulties. The study aimed to identify the perception of public procurement managers on the use of information systems with characteristic features of this technology, to reduce these barriers and elaborate a proposal for the use of blockchain in open innovation systems. The research developed is qualitative, quantitative and applied, being carried out through the application of a structured questionnaire to purchasing managers using the 92 prefectures of the State of Rio de Janeiro, located in Brazil, with subsequent analysis through descriptive statistics. The results of this work present relevant findings for public procurement through innovation and blockchain technology with the possibility of tracking the entire supply chain, allowing the verification of possible environmental and social damages such as the use of child or slave labor, the use of deforestation wood, counterfeit products, unethical agents, in addition to providing more transparency to the process of acquisition.pt_PT
dc.publisherWorld Scientific and Engineering Academy and Societypt_PT
dc.subjectSustainable procurementpt_PT
dc.subjectPublic sectorpt_PT
dc.subjectSmart contractpt_PT
dc.subjectInnovation 4.0pt_PT
dc.titleBlockchain technology in innovation ecosystems for sustainable purchases through the perception of public managerspt_PT
degois.publication.titleWSEAS Transactions on Business and Economicspt_PT
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