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Title: Interactive pedagogical strategies in health education: "Think-Pairs-Share" and collective construction
Author: Rua, Marília
Maia, Luciana Netto
Rodrigues, Sandra Campinos
Silva, Marta
Keywords: Health education
Sexual and reproductive health
Issue Date: 2021
Abstract: Introduction: Health Education in Sexual and Reproductive Health, appear in the practice of nursing students, as a form of health promotion in young people. The development of these skills is essential during nursing degree. Aims: As part of preparation of clinical practice, in Primary Health Care, a seminar was held - Dating without Risks-, with the purpose of promoting knowledge on Sexual and Reproductive Health, developing active health education strategies and promoting reflection on sexuality in young people. 2 Methodology: We used pedagogical strategies, transferable to a Health Education session: Think-Pairs-Share; Fill in with post-its and Collective Construction. We asked about the importance of Health Education and the approach to sexuality in young people, risk behaviours in dating and a collective construction of an "Affections Alphabet". Results: The seminar exceeded the student’s expectations. The strategies used appear to be easily transferable to Health Education sessions in clinical practice context, providing more interaction between the group, promoting greater openness in approaching the theme. Conclusion: The evaluation proves the importance of using these strategies, as well as the increasing level of preparation for Health Education in this area, as a fundamental skill in nursing degree.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.52457/GTBL7342
ISSN: 2753-961X
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