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Title: International trends in ocean and coastal management in Brazil
Author: Seraval, Tathiana Almeida
Advisor: Alves, Maria de Fátima Lopes
Keywords: Ciências do ambiente
Gestão de zonas costeiras - Brasil
Recursos marinhos
Ecossistemas marinhos
Riscos ecológicos
Avaliação de riscos
Defense Date: 2010
Publisher: Universidade de Aveiro
Abstract: Face to the current scenario of increasing uses of coastal and marine resources, the pressures on these ecosystems also tend to increase, calling for adjustments on the prevailing forms of coastal use and in the nature of coastal and ocean management currently performed in a manner that risk management could be better addressed. Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) is being increasingly consolidated as international framework for coastal areas, whilst Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) has emerging as methodological approach for sea use management. Both concepts aim to influence the location, in space and time, of coastal and sea-based human activities, encouraging compatibility of interests and reducing impacts of current and potential uses on these environments. In light of this background, the purpose of the study is to investigate the influence of international trends in ocean and coastal management in Brazil, in theory and practice, mainly with respect to the adoption of ICZM and MSP concepts. The results have shown that Brazilian policy basis and initiatives have responded to ICZM and MSP frameworks mainly with respect to the integration of landward and seaward issues management, improvement of the knowledge about coastal and marine resources and risks management approach. The permanent link among coastal, ocean and the broad environmental policy has been able to harmonise the main guidelines, instruments and competences for planning and managing at federal and subnational levels, improving integration of efforts and instituting a strategic planning rationality.
Description: Mestrado em Ciências do Ambiente
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