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Title: Optimization and inverse analysis in metal forming: scientific state-of-the-art and recent trends
Author: Andrade-Campos, António
Coppieters, Sam
Strano, Matteo
Keywords: Metal forming
Uncertainty analysis
Inverse analysis
Issue Date: May-2022
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: Nowadays, the accuracy and fast result-delivery of numerical simulations allow to perform not simply feasibility and validation tasks but to actually accomplish optimized process designs and solutions for the metal forming industry. This paper present a wide overview of the role of optimization and inverse analysis in the scientific and industrial community of metal forming, including the contribution of the ESAFORM association to this thematic, which is still growing after about three decades of intense research. The number of efficient and effective solutions comprising metal forming and optimization seems to increase year after year. Representative process optimization problems in sheet, bulk, and tube metal forming are presented through significant examples, and the treatment of uncertainty is also shown in stochastic approaches combined with optimization methods. Inverse problems in metal forming, which are solved with the aid of optimization methodologies, are also discussed particularly with emphasis on parameter identification problems and inverse material characterization in mechanical plasticity. The paper also identifies the most recent research trends and formulates some predictions for the future needs of industrial users. This paper shows not only that the relevance of the field of study is still increasing, but also that optimization and inverse analysis in metal forming is playing and will continue to play an important role in the digital transition of the metal forming industry, where simulation still represents the most advanced frontier.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.1007/s12289-022-01690-8
ISSN: 1960-6206
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