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Title: Draw the signs of the polis: the brand as political plan and historical plan
Author: Ribeiro, Marlene
Providência, Francisco
Keywords: Brand
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: CIAUD Centro de Investigação em Arquitetura, Urbanismo e Design
Abstract: The globalized world we live in today has brought new and greater demands to the cities and equally to regions and nations. Locals compete for an extern investment, exports and tourism, through the promotion of its individual per- sonality, cultural, historical and values, projecting what might be an ideali- zed conception but immediately recognized by themselves [Olins03]. The city brand is factor of affirmation, positioning and distinction, essential in this globalized world that is ours. The trend of people settling in the city makes them, in the current outlook, to face the great challenges of today and there- fore, its political deciders that have today, new and more demanding goals of government, have assumed a crucial role to promote urban schedules, able to generate a profile of the city that makes it wanted [Giddens09]. The important contribution of Design to the conception and promotion of the city brand (through its visual representation) due to the fact of its methodological atti- tude, the position as specialist in the cultural mediation between the local administration and the citizens — political design.
Peer review: yes
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