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Title: Face reduction and the immobile indices approaches to regularization of linear Copositive Programming problems
Author: Kostyukova, O. I.
Tchemisova, T. V.
Keywords: Linear copositive programming
Strong duality
Normalized immobile index set
Minimal cone
Facial reduction
Constraint qualifications
Issue Date: 31-Aug-2021
Publisher: arXiv
Abstract: The paper is devoted to the regularization of linear Copositive Programming problems which consists of transforming a problem to an equivalent form, where the Slater condition is satisfied and the strong duality holds. We describe here two regularization algorithms based on the concept of immobile indices and an understanding of the important role these indices play in the feasible sets' characterization. These algorithms are compared to some regularization procedures developed for a more general case of convex problems and based on a facial reduction approach. We show that the immobile-index-based approach combined with the specifics of copositive problems allows us to construct more explicit and detailed regularization algorithms for linear Copositive Programming problems than those already available.
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