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Title: Drawing the place’s soul: designing the representation experience in the Schist Villages
Author: Magalhães, Graça
Keywords: Drawing
Issue Date: Dec-2019
Publisher: Aiap Edizioni
Abstract: In this paper we will discuss the question of landscape representation as a crossing between art and design as from the project Drawing the Place’s Soul. Underlying the project is the idea - that serves as an argument for landscape representation - of drawing as a visual language and as project’s matter (medium). In the field of Visual Studies, images and, in this case, drawing are an unavoidable presence of the 21st century, as an iconographic bond, politically participative in the ethical valorization of people and territories. The choice of the medium (drawing) promotes craft as a bodily action, also deeply associated with the landscape. Methodologically, it was sought that the experience, free of constraints, would be able to provide information for the internal evaluation of the territories and for the way they are disclosed. The initial experiment was carried out in three territorially and circumstantially differentiated villages (whose territory is deeply deserted and which, in summer 2017, was hit by violent forest fires) and will be presented and analyzed here from a perspective that sees landscape as a purpose for the interception of art and design through the practice of drawing.
Peer review: yes
ISSN: 1972-7887
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