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Title: IoT Data Collection Concept for a Bike Sharing Platform
Author: Nicolau, Carlos
Santos, José Paulo
Coelho, Margarida
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: IEEE
Abstract: In this paper, a concept of an IoT based solution for a Bike Sharing Platform is presented. The developed platform implements a new layer of instrumentation that allows data collection that could be used for, for instance, route suggesting algorithms, fleet management and distribution, traffic analysis, crashes detection, crashes reconstruction, and driver profiling. All these possibilities are of major interest in today’s socioenvironmental context. The use of bicycles and sharing platforms should be promoted and encouraged, but for that to happen, some limitations regarding safety and insufficient user engagement must be overcome. The work developed under this paper aims to mitigate those barriers and provide a functional, innovative, and efficient solution.
Peer review: yes
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