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Título: Heuristics for a vehicle routing problem with information collection in wireless networks
Autor: Flores-Luyo, Luis
Agra, Agostinho
Figueiredo, Rosa
Ocaña, Eladio
Palavras-chave: Vehicle routing problem
Wireless networks
Data: Abr-2020
Editora: Springer
Resumo: We consider a wireless network where a given set of stations is continuously generating information. A single vehicle, located at a base station, is available to collect the information via wireless transfer. The wireless transfer vehicle routing problem (WTVRP) is to decide which stations should be visited in the vehicle route, how long shall the vehicle stay in each station, and how much information shall be transferred from the nearby stations to the vehicle during each stay. The goal is to collect the maximum amount of information during a time period after which the vehicle returns to the base station. The WTVRP is NP-hard. Although it can be solved to optimality for small size instances, one needs to rely on good heuristic schemes to obtain good solutions for large size instances. In this work, we consider a mathematical formulation based on the vehicle visits. Several heuristics strategies are proposed, most of them based on the mathematical model. These strategies include constructive and improvement heuristics. Computational experiments show that a strategy that combines a combinatorial greedy heuristic to design a initial vehicle route, improved by a fix-and-optimize heuristic to provide a local optimum, followed by an exchange heuristic, affords good solutions within reasonable amount of running time.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10773/29856
DOI: 10.1007/s10732-019-09429-6
ISSN: 1381-1231
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