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Title: Could I do it again? One time experiences of Erasmus mobility teachers
Author: Santos, Cláudia Amaral
Barbosa, Belém
Filipe, Sandra
Pinheiro, Margarida M.
Simões, Dora
Dias, Gonçalo Paiva
Keywords: Erasmus mobility programme
Teacher mobility
Higher Education Institutions
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: This study aims to contribute to the growing literature on teachers' mobility by exploring perceptions and motivations to join these activities, in particular through the collection of evidence on the impact a first and only exchange experience has had on the participants. The research adopts a qualitative methodology in the form of phenomenological interviews with 6 teachers that engaged on only one mobility initiative. The interviewees shared their personal impressions on mobility, including reasons, facilitators, and outcomes of the experience. Bureaucratic, financial and residual professional impact, are among the most cited inhibitors for repeating the initiative. However, most of the participants expect to be become involved again on mobility assignments someday, especially teachers that identified greater impact from this first experience. The analysis provides interesting clues for international offices, Erasmus coordinators and university top managers, who devote considerable effort to the promotion and support of mobility practices.
Peer review: yes
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