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Title: Electrospinning system and process for large scale manufacturing of aligned 3D fiber matrices
Author: Completo, A.
Marques, P. A. A. P.
Keywords: Electrospinning
Issue Date: 18-Dec-2019
Publisher: European Patent Office (EPO)
Series/Report no.: Patente EPO – EP19217414.2, 18 december 2019
Abstract: This invention relates to the system and process of continuous electrospinning for the production of three-dimensional matrices of aligned polymeric fibres. The system of the present invention comprises an electrospinning capillary tube (3) with positive polarity, a set of multi-electrodes with negative polarity inserted in a peripheral support (15), having each electrode (7) controlled movement allowing its exposure or retraction-occultation to the electrospinning tube (3), a central collecting table (17) of electrospun fibres, which is covered with holes (6,16) connected to a chamber and to a vacuum pump (13). The formation of aligned three-dimensional matrices (30) occurs by deposition of layers, when exposing the electrodes (7) to the capillary tube (3), with the controlled distancing of the central collecting table (17), with respect to the electrospinning tube (3). The present invention has application in the medical field, in tissue engineering, in particular in regenerative medicine.
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