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Title: Performance of digital fountains in network operator scenarios
Author: Ferreira, Fábio Joel Cordeiro Ferreira
Advisor: Gomes, Diogo Nuno Pereira
Ferreira, Paulo
Defense Date: 2008
Abstract: A logic way for a Network Operator or a Service Provider to grow up in the market is in its capability to turn its mechanisms more efficient, and simultaneously save costs. For that, the Operator must be able to globalize its services, specially when these are requested for a large number of clients. With this purpose, the notion of Multicast appeared. It permits reducing the communication costs for applications that send the same data to multiple recipients. As a way to turn multicast operations more efficient, specially when there are losses in the media, Digital Fountain codes were created. These consist in sending an unlimited stream of symbols and, by placing the intelligence in the reception, recovering the original signal by decoding a certain number of them, and avoiding the need to control which packets were received or loss. [...]
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