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Apr-2020Study on the usage feasibility of continuous-wave radar for emotion recognitionGouveia, Carolina; Tomé, Ana; Barros, Filipa; Soares, Sandra C.; Vieira, José; Pinho, PedroarticleopenAccess
25-Sep-2019An information-theoretical method for emotion classificationBrás, Susana; Carvalho, João M.; Barros, Filipa; Figueiredo, Cláudia; Soares, Sandra C.; Pinho, Armando J.bookPartrestrictedAccess
1-Apr-2017An automatic classifier of emotions built from entropy of noiseFerreira, Jacqueline; Brás, Susana; Silva, Carlos F.; Soares, Sandra C.articlerestrictedAccess
22-Aug-2018The feasibility of an augment reality system to study the psychophysiological correlates of fear-related responsesBrás, Susana; Soares, Sandra C.; Cruz, Telmo; Magalhães, Tiago; Marques, Bernardo; Dantas, Cláudia; Fernandes, Nuno; Fernandes, José MariaarticleopenAccess
2020Understanding public speakers’ performance: first contributions to support a computational approachBarros, Fábio; Conde, Ângelo; Soares, Sandra C.; Neves, António J. R.; Silva, SamuelbookPartopenAccess
21-Jun-2020Multimodal emotion evaluation: a physiological model for cost-effective emotion classificationPinto, Gisela; Carvalho, João M.; Barros, Filipa; Soares, Sandra C.; Pinho, Armando J.; Brás, SusanaarticleopenAccess
Sep-2023Identifying knowledge gaps in understanding the effects of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) on fish behaviourFerreira, Carla S. S.; Soares, Sandra C.; Kille, Peter; Oliveira, MiguelarticleopenAccess
2-Feb-2023Characterisation of physiological responses to odours in autism spectrum disorders: a preliminary studyPereira, Lara; Grave, Joana; Noll, Janina; Derntl, Birgit; Soares, Sandra C.; Brás, Susana; Sebastião, RaquelarticleopenAccess
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