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Title: InCell 2019: book of abstracts of the International Conference on Multifunctional Cellular Materials
Author: Duarte, Isabel
Vesenjak, Matej
Ren, Zoran
Keywords: Materiais celulares
Materiais porosos
Materiais leves
Espumas metálicas
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: UA Editora
Abstract: The research of cellular materials has significantly increased over the last two decades, which reflects in the growth of p ublished scientific literature. The industrial sector is also increasingly recognis ing the importance of cellular materials with appearance of new bioinspired materials that have revolutionised a large number of industrial applications . W orkshops , symposiu ms and conferences have emerged in this field, particularly in Europe. In this context, the first conference in series dedicated to cellular materials (MatCel) was organised at the University of Aveiro, in Portugal during September 7 th 8 th , 2015 . The ai m of this conference was to identify the number of Portuguese teams that are actively engaged in research in this field. The conference was held at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, with most of the participants coming from Portugal. Then the secon d conference was organised also at the University of Aveiro during September 25 th 27 th 2017, which was truly international with most of the participants from abroad , and with five plenary lectures given by renowned international experts. The event has n ow assumed itself as a bi e nn i al conference, aiming to be a regular and privileged forum for the exchange and discussion between scientists, academia and industry, inspiring future collaborations and bringing up new ideas within this field. Furthermore, the National Conference on Cellular Materials “MatCel conference” held in Aveiro (Portugal) has now been converted to an international event. Due to the rising interest in this field and the increasing number of both national and international participants, w e have decided to not only rename the conference, but also organize it around the world. The conference is now to be known as the International C onference on Multifunctional Cellular Materials In C ell, )” with the purpose of widening the scope of these thematic fields and attracting more participants, covering experimental, numerical and theoretical issues. T he In Cell 2019 is h eld in the beautiful city of Maribor, Slovenia from September 19 th 2 0 th , 2019 . This international conference focus es on lightweight stochastic and periodic cellular materials (e.g. foams, hollow spheres, periodic and optimized truss structures, and hone ycombs) with multifunctional attributes that make them appealing for numerous applications , including bot not limited to energy absorption (crash protection), lightweight structural sandwich panels (as the core), vibration damping devices and thermal and a coustic insulation The organizing committee would like to gratefully acknowledge support and contribution of the invited speakers Prof. Dr. John Banhart (TU Berlin, and Helmoltz Centre Berlin, Germany ), Dr. Ing. Peter Quadbeck Fraunhofer Institute for M anufacturing Technologies and Advanced Materials IFAM, Dresden , Germany) and Dr. Ing. Thomas Hipke Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technologies Chemnitz , Germany) as well as all attending
ISBN: 978-972-789-611-0
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