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dc.contributor.authorBeça, Pedropt_PT
dc.contributor.authorSantos, Ritapt_PT
dc.contributor.authorGomes, Gonçalopt_PT
dc.contributor.authorVeloso, Anapt_PT
dc.contributor.authorFerreira, Eduardopt_PT
dc.contributor.authorMatos, Milenept_PT
dc.description.abstractThe Gamers4Nature project aims to design and operationalize a set of strategies that prepare and encourage an active participation of the youngest audience in game creation, while promoting knowledge about environmental preservation and biodiversity conservation. In the first phase, a game creation toolkit will be developed, which will include guidelines on the various phases necessary to achieve this goal, as well as resources and tools that may be useful during the process. Besides being foreseen the evaluation and application of this toolkit in a set of secondary schools, by students of different areas, the toolkit will be used by other public, such as university, allowing people with different backgrounds to be involved in the process of creating games. The project also includes the organization of game jam events with the goal of developing games around the environment and natural conservation issues. In these events, participants will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge derived from contact with the toolkit and, in multidisciplinary teams, create a set of games that reach the target audience, communicate important messages around the preservation of the environment and conservation of biodiversity and with the potential to awaken consciousness and change behaviors. With this project, it is considered that an important contribution is made to the promotion of the environment and biodiversity, by proposing a set of strategies to create games that can be used by schools, universities, environmental organizations, public bodies, among others, to improve their communication and educational strategies on the importance of preserving the environment. Finally, it is considered that the project's activities also contribute to the development of a set of soft skills in the participants, such as the ability to work in teams and solve problems, as well as creativity, skills that are increasingly valued in society.pt_PT
dc.publisheri2ADS – Research Institute in Art, Design and Society University of Porto, Faculty of Fine Artspt_PT
dc.relationNational Public – FEDER/Compete 2020/Portugal 2020pt_PT
dc.subjectMobile gamespt_PT
dc.subjectGame jamspt_PT
dc.subjectGame design tools and techniquespt_PT
dc.titleGamers4Nature: game creation tools to promote Environment and Biodiversity preservation awarenesspt_PT
ua.event.date21-22 November, 2018pt_PT
degois.publication.titleVideojogos 2018: Proceedings of the 10th Conference on Videogame Sciences and Artspt_PT
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