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Title: Changing higher education one teacher at a time: book of abstracts of the Third International Conference of the Portuguese Society for Engineering Education
Author: Gabriel, Bárbara Filipa Casqueira Coelho
Campos, António Gil d'Orey de Andrade
Oliveira, João Alexandre Dias de
Nascimento, Maria Manuel
Valente, Robertt
Neto, Victor Fernando Santos
Keywords: Ensino superior
Ensino de engenharia - Qualidade do ensino
Alunos do superior - Desenvolvimento de competências
Estrategias de aprendizagem
Sucesso escolar
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Publisher: UA Editora
Abstract: This conference is the third CISPEE event, following the editions in Porto (2013) and Vila Real (2016), and now in the city of Aveiro. Being a joint effort between the University of Aveiro and the Portuguese Society for Engineering Education (SPEE), CISPEE 2018 will emphasize the relevance of Engineering Education with (and for) Society. The organizers of CISPEE 2018 are aware of the current challenges (and responsibility) of Higher Education Institutions in preparing the near future professionals to address the needs of the society and market, at all levels. This mission is extremely demanding, with a clear notion that all stakeholders need to be involved in order to understand the present and (most importantly) to prepare a more responsible and adequate future of Higher Education Institutions in pursuing the best competences to provide to the Students, our most valuable asset. In this sense, CISPEE 2018 intends to promote an inclusive and interactive event, enriched by scientific presentations and spaces of fora, with distinct representatives from governance, higher education institutions, associations, business/industrial sector, students, therefore bringing to the event a wide representation of Society in general. With the motto “Changing Higher Education One Teacher at a Time”, one of the main goals of CISPEE 2018 is to stimulate debates and critical analysis, deepening the involvement of the various agents to potentially promote further translation into strategies and actions. CISPEE 2018 Organisers are convicted that the resulting discussions and exchange between the participants of the Conference will have an important effect and impact within the Engineering Education topic and, therefore, towards the global community and society.
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