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Title: Single and multi-component adsorption of psychiatric pharmaceuticals onto alternative and commercial carbons
Author: Calisto, Vânia
Jaria, Guilaine
Silva, Carla Patrícia
Ferreira, Catarina I A
Otero, Marta
Esteves, Valdemar I
Keywords: Environment
Water treatment
Paper mill sludge
Emerging contaminants
Issue Date: 1-May-2017
Publisher: Elsevier
Abstract: This work describes the adsorptive removal of three widely consumed psychiatric pharmaceuticals (carbamazepine, paroxetine and oxazepam) from ultrapure water. Two different adsorbents were used: a commercial activated carbon and a non-activated waste-based carbon (PS800-150-HCl), produced by pyrolysis of primary paper mill sludge. These adsorbents were used in single, binary and ternary batch experiments in order to determine the adsorption kinetics and equilibrium isotherms of the considered pharmaceuticals. For the three drugs and both carbons, the equilibrium was quickly attained (with maximum equilibrium times of 15 and 120 min for the waste-based and the commercial carbons, respectively) even in binary and ternary systems. Single component equilibrium data were adequately described by the Langmuir model, with the commercial carbon registering higher maximum adsorption capacities (between 272 ± 10 and 493 ± 12 μmol g-1) than PS800-150-HCl (between 64 ± 2 and 74 ± 1 μmol g-1). Multi-component equilibrium data were also best fitted by the single component Langmuir isotherm, followed by the Langmuir competitive model. Overall, competitive effects did not largely affect the performance of both adsorbents. Binary and ternary systems maintained fast kinetics, the individual maximum adsorption capacities were not lower than half of the single component systems and both carbons presented improved total adsorption capacities for multi-component solutions.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.1016/j.jenvman.2017.01.029
ISSN: 0301-4797
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