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Title: Optical doping of AlxGa1-xN compounds by ion implantation of Tm ions
Author: Fialho, M.
Lorenz, K.
Magalhães, S
Redondo-Cubero, A.
Rodrigues, J.
Santos, N.F
Monteiro, T.
Alves, E.
Keywords: AlGaN
Ion Implantation
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: American Institute of Physics
Abstract: AlxGa1-xN (0<x≤1) samples grown by halide vapor phase epitaxy on (0001) sapphire were implanted with Tm ions to optimize the conditions to achieve maximum optical efficiency. The ions were implanted under random and channeled orientations with a fluence of 1×10 15cm-2. The damage profile and the defects' nature were investigated by Rutherford Backscattering/Channeling Spectrometry and High Resolution X-ray Diffraction. The structural measurements show a higher resistance of the lattice to irradiation damage with the increase of the AlN content. Results of the angular scans measured along the <0001> axis for samples with AlN contents of 0.15 and 0.77 suggest a relation between the AlN content and Tm specific sites in the lattice. Rapid thermal annealing treatments under N2 ambient were performed to remove damage and promote optical activation of rare earth intra-4fn transitions. After annealing the observed intraionic emissions of Tm3+ ions were characterized by photoluminescence. © 2012 American Institute of Physics.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.1063/1.4766490
ISSN: 0094-243X
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