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Title: The Mathematical Circus Project
Author: Hall, Andreia
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Tessellations Publishing
Abstract: Magic and mathematics appear hand in hand when it comes to promoting the interest and motivation for learning mathematics. Portugal, like other countries, has a high failure rate in school mathematics, which of course causes a negative attitude towards this subject in society. Mathematics is generally thought of as a difficult subject with little practical importance. Motivated by the need to fight this stigma, the Mathematical Circus Project emerged in 2012. Linking mathematics with the performing arts (theater and circus) is not as common as other connections such as with the visual arts. The Mathematical Circus team performs mathematical magic shows with a circus atmosphere in schools, science centers and other public spaces. In a traditional magic show, one often realizes that what causes the fantastic effects is the magician’s ability to manipulate objects combined with the art of controlling the perception of the spectators. The tricks performed in the Mathematical Circus are exclusively based on mathematical principles. In this paper we describe the Mathematical Circus project: its context, goals, contents and achievements.
Peer review: yes
ISBN: 978-1-938664-27-4
ISSN: 1099-6702
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