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dc.contributor.authorNapp, Diegopt_PT
dc.contributor.authorPereira, Ricardopt_PT
dc.contributor.authorPinto, Raquelpt_PT
dc.contributor.authorRocha, Paulapt_PT
dc.contributor.authorAleixo, José Carlospt_PT
dc.description.abstractIn this paper we study the realization of periodically time-varying behavioral systems by means of periodic state-space models. In particular, we focus on the case of period two and investigate under which conditions a given behavior with periodic representation obtained by alternating two time-invariant image representations can be realized by a periodic state-space system. We first show that, in general, one cannot expect to obtain a periodic state-space realization by means of the individual realizations of each associated time-invariant behaviors. However, we give conditions for such procedure to hold. The presented results are illustrated by examples.pt_PT
dc.subjectBehavioral systemspt_PT
dc.subjectPeriodically time-varying systemspt_PT
dc.subjectState-space representationspt_PT
dc.titleOn the state-space realization of 2-periodic image behaviorspt_PT
ua.event.date4-6 junho, 2018pt_PT
degois.publication.locationPonta Delgada, Açorespt_PT
degois.publication.titleControlo 2018 - 13th APCA International Conference on Automatic Control and Soft Computingpt_PT
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