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Title: Science Competitions: Do They Foster Learning
Author: Descalço, L.
Oliveira, P.
Keywords: Serious games
Computers in education
Issue Date: Jul-2018
Publisher: IATED
Abstract: Many studies have shown positive effects of gamification and serious games on teaching and learning. From 1989, we have been organizing National Science Competitions in Portugal, with participants from schools from all over the Country. In this work, we assess the impact of these competitions on student’s motivation and performance in the school. The study is mainly based on surveys done on the years 2015 and 2017. Both, students and their teachers, have participated in the surveys. We also present some data about usage of the computer system used in the competitions during the event and for practicing to the event. Based on teacher’s opinions we conclude the events have some positive influence on student’s motivation.
Peer review: yes
ISBN: 978-84-09-02709-5
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