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Title: Comparative genomics of IncP-1ε plasmids from water environments reveals diverse and unique accessory genetic elements
Author: Oliveira, Cláudia S.
Moura, Alexandra
Henriques, Isabel
Brown, Celeste J.
Rogers, Linda M.
Top, Eva M.
Correia, António
Keywords: Broad-host-range plasmid
Class 1 integron
Insertion sequence
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Elsevier
Abstract: The goal of this study was to determine and compare the complete genome sequences of three new broad-host-range conjugative plasmids. Plasmids pMLUA1, pMLUA3 and pMLUA4 were previously recovered from estuarine water by exogenous plasmid isolation and ranged in size from ~55 to 59. kb. Comparative genomics showed that their backbone region was identical to the prototype pKJK5 and other IncP1-ε plasmids captured from soils. The accessory region was inserted between the tra region and parA, and presented the typical IncP-1ε ISPa. 17 and Tn. 402-like transposon modules. Nevertheless, new class 1 integrons were identified (In. 794, carrying aadA5 and In. 795, carrying qacF5-aadA5), as well as a composite transposon IS. 26- msr(E)- mph(E)-IS. 26 carrying genes that confer resistance to macrolides. A new insertion sequence, termed IS. UnCu17, was also identified on pMLUA3. The architecture of the accessory regions implies the occurrence of multiple insertions and deletions. These data support the notion that IncP-1 plasmids from the ε subgroup are proficient in the capture of diverse genetic elements, including antibiotic resistance genes, and thus may contribute to the co-selection of several resistance determinants. This study constitutes the first report of completely sequenced IncP-1ε plasmids from water environments, and enhances our understanding of the geographic distribution and genetic diversity of these replicons.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.1016/j.plasmid.2013.06.002
ISSN: 0147-619X
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