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dc.contributor.authorCortez, Sarapt
dc.contributor.authorCompleto, Antóniopt
dc.contributor.authorAlves, Josépt
dc.description.abstractIn articular cartilage the orientation of collagen fibres is not uniform varying mostly with the depth of the tissue. Besides, the biomechanical response of each layer of the articular cartilage differs from the neighbouring ones, evolving through thickness as a function of the distribution, density and orientation of the collagen fibres. Based on a finite element implementation, a new continuum formulation is proposed to describe the remodelling and reorientation behaviour of the collagen fibres under arbitrary mechanical loads. The cartilaginous tissue is modelled based on a hyperelastic formulation, being the ground isotropic matrix described by a neo-Hookean law and the fibrillar anisotropic part modelled by a new anisotropic formulation introduced for the first time in the present work, in which both reorientation and remodelling are taken into account. To characterize the orientation of fibres, a structure tensor is defined to represent the expected distribution and orientation of fibres around a reference direction. The isotropic and anisotropic constitutive parameters were determined by the good validation of the numerical models with the experimental data available from the literature. Considering the effect of realistic collagen fibre reorientation in the cartilage tissue, the remodelling algorithm associated with a distribution of fibres model showed accurate results with few numerical
dc.relationFCOMP-01-0124- FEDER-015191pt
dc.subjectArticular cartilagept
dc.subjectCollagen fibres remodellingpt
dc.subjectFinite element analysispt
dc.titleA novel computational modelling to describe the anisotropic, remodelling and reorientation behaviour of collagen fibres in articular cartilagept
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