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Title: Burden of treatment in the light of the international classification of functioning, disability and health: a “best fit” framework synthesis
Author: Gonçalves, Ana
Jácome, Cristina
Demain, Sara
Katherine, Hunt
Marques, Alda
Keywords: Burden of treatment
Comprehensive ICF core
Long-term conditions
Issue Date: 3-Jul-2016
Publisher: Taylor and Francis
Abstract: Purpose: This systematic literature review aimed to (1) summarize and explain the concept of Burden of Treatment (BoT) using the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) terminology, and (2) inform the development of a future Comprehensive ICF Core Set for BoT. Method: Searches on EMbase, Medline, CINAHL and PsycINFO were conducted. Only qualitative studies were considered for inclusion. The screening and data extraction stages were followed by a ‘‘Best-fit’’ framework synthesis and content analysis, using the established ICF linking rules. Screening, data extraction, quality appraisal and data analysis were performed by two independent researchers. Results: Seventeen studies were included in this review. The ‘‘Best–fit’’ framework synthesis generated 179 subthemes which identified that BoT impacts negatively on body functions and structures, restricts valued activities and participation and influences contextual factors through life roles, self-identify and relationships. The identified subthemes were linked to 77 ICF categories. Conclusions: This study is part of the preparatory phase of a Comprehensive ICF Core Set for BoT and our findings will inform the further needed studies on this phase. The use of ICF terminology to describe BoT provides an accessible route for understanding this complex concept, which is pivotal for rethinking clinical practice.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.1080/09638288.2016.1194898
ISSN: 0963-8288
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