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Title: Orchestration of containerized microservices for IIoT using Docker
Author: Rufino, João
Alam, Muhammad
Ferreira, Joaquim
Rehman, Abdur
Tsang, Kim Fung
Keywords: Software Defined Network; Industrial Internet of Things; Wireless Communication
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: IEEE
Abstract: Industrial Internet of things (IIoTs) relies on different devices working together, gathering and sharing data using multiple communication protocols. This heterogeneity becomes a hindrance in the development of architectures that can support applications operating independently of the underlying protocols. Therefore in this paper, we proposed a modular and scalable architecture based on lightweight virtualization. The modularity provided by the proposed architecture combined with lightweight virtualization orchestration supplied by Docker simplifies management and enables distributed deployments. Availability and fault-tolerance characteristics are ensured by distributing the application logic across different devices where a single microservice or even device failure can have no effect on system performance. The proposed architecture is instantiated and tested on a simple time-dependent use case. The obtained results validates that the proposed architecture can be used to deploy services on demand at different architecture layers.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.1109/ICIT.2017.7915594
ISSN: 1509053204
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