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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
Jun-2022Some representations for the eigenfunctions of the time-fractional wave operatorRodrigues, M. M.; Ferreira, M.; Vieira, N.bookPartopenAccess
2021Sustainable development in education: a non-parametric analysisMurillo, Kelly; Rocha, EugéniobookPartopenAccess
2020Teaching-learning process under a Multidirectional Efficiency and Canonical Correlation AnalysisMurillo, K.; Rocha, E.bookPartopenAccess
2019Hyers-Ulam and Hyers-Ulam-Rassias stability for a class of integro-differential equationsCastro, L. P.; Simões, A. M.bookPartopenAccess
2019Does teacher's education affect student performance?Murillo, K.; Rocha, E.; Freitas, A.; Pardo, C.bookPartopenAccess
28-Apr-2019Oscillatory behaviour on a non-autonomous hybrid SIR-ModelRocha, EugéniobookPartembargoedAccess
9-Sep-2017On a Class of Integral Equations Involving Kernels of Cosine and Sine TypeCastro, L. P.; Guerra, R. C.; Tuan, N. M.bookPartopenAccess
Sep-2017Some properties of the fractional circle Zernike polynomialsRodrigues, Maria Manuela Fernandes; Vieira, Nelson Felipe LoureirobookPartopenAccess
10-Jul-2017Hyers-Ulam and Hyers-Ulam-Rassias stability of a class of integral equations on finite intervalsCastro, L. P.; Simões, A. M.bookPartopenAccess
25-Feb-2017Convolution type operators with symmetry in Bessel potential spacesCastro, Luís Pinheiro de; Speck, Frank-OlmebookPartopenAccess
26-Apr-2014Diffraction from polygonal-conical screens, an operator approachCastro, Luís P.; Duduchava, Roland; Speck, Frank-OlmebookPartopenAccess
18-Sep-2014Aveiro discretization method in mathematics: a new discretization principleCastro, L.P.; Fujiwara, H.; Rodrigues, M.M.; Saitoh, S.; Tuan, V.K.bookPartopenAccess
11-Jul-2014Initial value problems in linear integral operator equationsCastro, L.P.; Rodrigues, M.M.; Saitoh, S.bookPartopenAccess
6-Aug-2014How to catch smoothing properties and analyticity of functions by computers?Castro, L.P.; Fujiwara, H.; Qian, T.; Saitoh, S.bookPartopenAccess
2015Reproducing Kernels and DiscretizationCastro, L. P.; Fujiwara, H.; Rodrigues, M. M.; Saitoh, S.; Tuan, V. K.bookPartopenAccess
2015Whittaker differential equation associated to the initial heat problemRodrigues, M. M.; Saitoh, S.bookPartopenAccess
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 16 of 16