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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
Dec-2017Fundamental solution of the time-fractional telegraph Dirac operatorFerreira, Milton dos Santos; Rodrigues, Maria Manuela Fernandes; Vieira, Nelson Felipe LoureiroarticleopenAccess
7-Jul-2017Shifted Generalized Pascal Matrices in the Context of Cli ord Algebra-Valued Polynomial SequencesCação, Isabel; Malonek, Helmuth; Tomaz, GraçaarticleopenAccess
2017A matrix approach to Sheffer polynomialsAceto, Lídia; Cação, IsabelarticlerestrictedAccess
23-Mar-2017Intelligent tutorial system based on personalized system of instruction to teach or remind mathematical conceptsPaiva, Rui C.; Ferreira, Milton; Frade, M. M.articleopenAccess
Jun-2017Error Estimates for the Coupling of Analytical and Numerical SolutionsLegatiuk, Dmitry; Gürlebeck, Klaus; Kähler, UwearticleopenAccess
Jun-2017The Static Maxwell System in Three Dimensional Axially Symmetric Inhomogeneous Media and Axially Symmetric Generalization of the Cauchy–Riemann SystemBryukhov, Dmitry; Kähler, UwearticleopenAccess
19-May-2017Riemann–Hilbert Problems for Monogenic Functions on Upper Half Ball of R^4Ku, Min; Wang, Ying; He, Fuli; Kähler, UwearticleopenAccess
30-May-2017Gleason’s problem associated to the fractional cauchy-riemann operator, fueter series, drury-arveson space and related topicsAlpay, Daniel; Cerejeiras, Paula; Kähler, UwearticleopenAccess
1-Jun-2017Eigenfunctions and fundamental solutions of the fractional Laplace and Dirac operators using Caputo derivativesFerreira, M.; Vieira, N.articleopenAccess
Jun-2017Fischer decomposition in generalized fractional ternary Clifford analysisCerejeiras, P.; Fonseca, A.; Vajiac, M.; Vieira, N.articleopenAccess
Jun-2017Spherical Pi-type operators in Clifford analysis and applicationsCheng, Wanqing; Ryan, John; Kähler, UwearticlerestrictedAccess
Jun-2017Schwarz Problems for Poly-Hardy Space on the Unit BallKähler, Uwe; Ku, Min; Qian, TaoarticlerestrictedAccess
1-Mar-2017Two-sided hypergenic functionsEriksson, S. L.; Orelma, H.; Vieira, N.articleopenAccess
Mar-2017On the φ-hyperderivative of the ψ-Cauchy-type integral in Clifford analysisBlaya, Ricardo Abreu; Reyes, Juan Bory; Adán, Alí Guzmán; Kähler, UwearticlerestrictedAccess
Mar-2017Hilbert boundary value problems with Fermionic weight in R^3Cerejeira, P.; Kähler, U.; Ku, M.articlerestrictedAccess
Feb-2017Fischer Decomposition and Cauchy-Kovalevskaya extension in fractional Clifford analysis: the Riemann-Liouville caseVieira, N.articleopenAccess
Feb-2017Numerical null-solutions to iterated Dirac operator on bounded domainsKu, Min; Kähler, UwearticlerestrictedAccess
Feb-2017Compressed sensing for quaternionic signalsKähler, Uwe; Hartmann, Stefan; Gomes, NarcisoarticlerestrictedAccess
Jan-2017Harmonic analysis on the proper velocity gyrogroupFerreira, MiltonarticleopenAccess
1-Mar-2017Fundamental solutions of the time fractional diffusion-wave and parabolic Dirac operatorsFerreira, Milton dos Santos; Vieira, Nelson Felipe LoureiroarticleopenAccess
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 62